Victoria University of Barbados, School of Medicine (VUB) offers a 5-Year MD Program of global repute. The program is an undergraduate medical program MD. The curriculum of the program is designed on the basis of the medical curriculum followed in US medical schools and strictly adheres to the requirements of United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), a three-step examination which, once qualified, enables students to get medical licensure in the United States.

The entire program is divided into three stages:

Pre-Medical Program

1-Year Basic Foundation for Medical Sciences which introduces students to the basics of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, as applicable to medical sciences and an introduction to the basic sciences like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, histology, and medical terminology.

Pre-Clinical Program

In 2-Year Pre-Clinical Program —also called Basic Sciences Program—, students get to the next level of medical sciences and imbibe clinically integrated problem-based learning, conduct their research and experiments in laboratories, and prepare themselves for the clinical rotations.

Clinical Sciences Program

In 2-Year Clinical Sciences Program —also called Clinical Rotations Program—, students get an exclusive opportunity to get hands-on clinical training in University-affiliated hospitals and clinics, observe fellow doctors and medical practitioners and treat patients under expert guidance.

On the completion of the Clinical Sciences Program, students graduate as qualified doctors!

Program Duration

Depending on the level of education of the students, we offer a 4-Year and a 5-Year MD Program.

Students who have completed their Higher Secondary Education from a science background and doesn’t hold any graduation in medical science are admitted to 5-Year MD Program. These students are required to undergo one year of Pre-Medical Program which, in its essence, is a prelude to the MD Program.

In 5-Year MD Program, Pre-Medical Program constitutes 1-Year of the Program. After completion of the Pre-Medical Program i.e. during the next four years of the MD program, students go through the same curriculum and training as that of the 4-Year MD Program.

Students, who have completed their Higher Secondary Education from a science background and also hold graduation in medical sciences, are admitted to 4-Year MD Program. Thee students are not required to undergo 1-Year of Pre-Medical Program.

5-Year MD Program

(Inclusive of 1-Year Pre-Medical Program for students who have completed Higher Secondary Education.)




Pre-Medical Program

Pre-Clinical Program

Clinical Sciences Program

Students holding graduation in medical sciences don’t need to undergo the Pre-Medical Program.

4-Year MD Program

(For students who have completed Higher Secondary Education + Graduation in medical sciences.)

Salient Features of VUB MD Program:

1. US-based Medical Curriculum

Entire program material is prepared following the US medical curriculum which ensures that MD in Barbados is as fruitful as MD in USA for all VUB students.

2. English Medium

In all the 5 years of the program, English is used as the medium of instruction. Official language of Barbados is English which is also an added advantage of studying MD in Barbados. If you know English (we are quite sure you know!), you don’t need to learn any new language to study medicine in Barbados.

3. USMLE Support

United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a mandatory examination to get medical licensure in the United States. VUB MD Program is designed keeping USMLE requirements in mind which helps the students conveniently prepare for USMLE alongside as they study medicine in Barbados.

4. Pragmatic Approach

Right from the beginning, we follow pragmatic approach to medical education. From year one, students are involved in community outreach programs, in subsequent years, they are involved in various experiments and research projects and in final years, they are provided clinical experiences in some of the most reputed hospitals which help them get insights of the practical world of medicine.

5. Instructed by Competent Faculty

Contribution of faculty members is a building block in the successful career of a medical aspirant. At VUB, we recruit top-notch professors who are well-qualified and possess years of experience and expertise in their chosen field of medicine. While recruiting, their behavior and zeal for teaching is also inspected to ensure that our students get their education from friendly medical professors who are sensitive to their problems and deliver the best in medicine.

6. Supported by Modern Infrastructure

State-of-the-art infrastructure is no longer a privilege but an essence of medical education. At VUB, with our library, fully-equipped laboratories and fully-furnished campus, we endeavor to provide the best possible medical learning and globally-recognized MD in Barbados to students from all around the world.

7. Well-recognized Program

MD Program of VUB is recognized in several countries offering international recognition to our graduates and opening the doors of global career opportunities.

8. Learning Through Experiences

You may forget what you read, you may forget what you watch, and you may forget what you hear! One thing that you can’t forget is “Experience” that stays with you for your lifetime.

At VUB medical course in Barbados, we facilitate learning through experiences with involvement in various community programs, simulations and finally in hospitals through patient care and hands-on training.

9. Endless Opportunities

Once you complete the VUB MD Program, doors of global opportunities are open for you! After MD graduation, you can:

  • Go for higher studies and postgraduate medical programs;
  • Apply for residency in the US or other countries;
  • Become a medical professor in a reputed University;
  • Qualify a country-specific medical licensure examination and start your practice; and
  • Become a medical researcher, etc.

Our MD Program is the gateway to countless opportunities, and you can tap one of your choices!

MD Program of VUB follows benchmark standards and practices in all areas of medical education, be it curriculum, pragmatic approach, research, hands-on training or clinical rotations. Top-notch MD course has made VUB one of the finest MD colleges in Barbados to study medicine in Caribbean and ensures that every student studying at VUB makes the most of his or her MD in Barbados and become an exceptional doctor!

Apply now for MD Admission in Barbados and Let Your Medical Career Shine!