MD Program

MD Programs

Victoria University of Barbados offers the MD program to the students who are passionate and wish to provide medical care to the world through innovation, leadership, and research. The MD curriculum at VUB meets the US-based standards. The MD Program is designed in a way that provides advanced clinical, academic as well as practical training to the students and helps them to be prepared for the challenges in the medical internship program.

At Victoria University of Barbados, the MD program is designed with the consultation of the doctors, healthcare professionals, students and leaders in the research sectors. The curriculum of MD program is designed as per the US medical curriculum and is steady enough to meet the current and future needs of the students, patients and the changing healthcare sector around the world.

Overview of the Program

  1. Duration of complete course is 5 years.
  2. Three phases of the Program – Pre-Medical Program (1 Year), Basic Science Program (2 years) & Clinical Rotations (last 2 years).
  3. The first 2 years of MD Program are focused on the traditional basic science disciplines. During Basic Science Program, the students are exposed to the group discussions, laboratory experiments, small projects and much more.
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