Our Vision

We aspire to be a global centre of excellence in medical learning and research; promoting the development of students to reach their full potential as excellent doctors, ethical, caring, enquiring and visionary leaders. Through innovative (IT) Information Technology and the belief in equal opportunity and healthcare for all, we work to be recognized as a trend-setting healthcare institution.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Victoria University of Barbados School of Medicine is to promote health and well-being and to train persons to become competent, innovative and technologically driven medical physicians who, with guidance from the University’s caring and dedicated staff, will determine to do their part to best serve humanity.

Our Goal

To inspire and empower every medical aspirant to become an exceptional and caring medical practitioner, equipped with such life tools as perseverance and persistence.

Our Values


Being truthful, honest and ethical in all interactions and maintaining the highest standards in teaching, research, public engagement and service.


Having regard for the equality of individuals, respecting all persons, ideals and the institution as a whole.


Encouraging and promoting the highest qualities through rigour, insistency and creativity.


Being receptive to individuals and communities with the belief that healthcare should be provided to all.

Responsibility to Learners

Recognizing that students are our first priority and providing the environment and support that ensure their academic and personal success.


Receptive and proactive to the need for positive adjustment to meet new challenges of a changing global environment.


Acting in a manner that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable in administration, academic and research programmes.