We believe that career is just one aspect of life and to succeed in life and live it to the fullest; an all-round development approach is necessary.

At VUB, your life is not limited to just education and goes beyond. During your five years with us as a medical aspirant, you’ll not be just pursuing medical in Barbados but enjoying a quality life too in the beautiful Caribbean Island.

When you are here at the University, your typical morning will start with breathtaking sunrise in incredible Bridgetown City, attending classes in late morning and afternoon, doing experiments in labs, visiting clinics during clinical rotations, doing your studies and having fun and relaxing dinner at night after a long long day!

The journey of becoming a doctor is both hectic as well as an exciting pilgrimage. Whenever your energy is soaked during this incredible journey, you can go for a quick break, relax and participate in recreational activities to refill your energy and move forward towards the ultimate goal with new energy.

The University Life is that time of your life when you’ll make friends and connections that last forever, which you can count on for your entire life.

Every moment of your University Life will thrill you with new experiences. At VUB, your student life goes beyond just medical education to have fun, friendship, relax, enjoyment, adventures and life experiences along the way as you keep moving forward in your journey of becoming a doctor!

During your student life at Victoria University of Barbados, you’ll experience the aesthetic beauty of Barbados and the Caribbean lifestyle too.

To relieve the stress of studies, you can go for a walk by white-sand beaches of the island, look around and appreciate the untouched beauty of Barbados, go out for dining, participate in cultural activities and events, spend some time with friendly Barbadians or take some time off to visit the landmark places in The City and enjoy the views of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Historic Bridgetown.

The all-time enjoyable climate of Barbados and its calm environment will help you as a dear friend in your studies, and its peaceful nature will help you burst the stress of hectic schedules that you’ll face during your MD in Barbados.

Amidst a community of diverse people, your life at VUB will be a shared experience with your peers, friends, and mentors. From group studies to sharing lunches in the cafeteria, from group picnics and outings to collaborative work on new medical projects and operations, your life at the University will be filled with opportunities to grow personally, learn professionally and make an impact socially.

Your life at the University will be filled with opportunities to grow personally, learn professionally and make an impact socially.

Academic excellence and challenges, personal growth and development, friends and connections, memorable experiences, nature, fun and enjoyment, a feeling of satisfaction, and the achievement of your ultimate dream of becoming a doctor – you’ll have it all at the Victoria University of Barbados.

On that note, we invite you and all the medical aspirants to get MD Admission in Barbados at Victoria University of Barbados and pursue your dream medical career with us.