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Situated in one of the most popular island countries on the planet, Victoria University of Barbados is one of the top medical universities in Caribbean and offers a perfect blend of quality medical education and quality life. At Victoria University of Barbados, students are enabled to become exceptional doctors, serve humanity, and build a better world together by offering their healthcare services to those in need.

The University

Victoria University of Barbados, School of Medicine (VUB) is a medical university located in Barbados, a beautiful Caribbean island country in North America. Established with a vision to deliver quality medical education and facilitate medical aspirants excel in medicine, clinical practice, research, and patient care, VUB has now become one of the fastest-growing medical universities in Americas. Thanks to the University’s dedication and continual efforts to deliver the best in medicine, VUB is chartered/ licensed and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of Barbados, recognized by Medical Council of India, registered with FAIMER and listed in WDOMS.

The Campus

VUB campus represents a conglomerate of all the facilities that the University offers. From housing modern classrooms to tech-equipped labs, VUB Campus provides University-managed accommodation and mess facilities with all the amenities required for daily student life. The campus is air-conditioned, provides free Wi-Fi facility, packed with 24/7 security, and embraces all the students with equity and friendly culture. Personal growth and development, friends and connections, memorable experiences, nature, fun and enjoyment, and the achievement of the ultimate dream of becoming a doctor – VUB Campus facilitates it all with a perfect blend of education and life.

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Well-Recognized University

Recognition of Victoria University of Barbados by various medical institutions and authorities worldwide speaks for the quality of medical education provided at the University.


International-Standard MD Program

Depending on the level of education of the students, Victoria University of Barbados offers a 4-Year and a 5-Year Program for MD in Barbados. The program is an undergraduate program and is equivalent to MBBS. The syllabus of MD Program is based on US medical curriculum and follows the standard of MD in America. Strictly designed as per the requirements of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), MD Program of Victoria University of Barbados is comparable to MD in USA and offers aspiring doctors worldwide an opportunity to study medicine in Barbados.

Pre-Medical Program

1-Year Pre-Medical Program introduces students to the basics of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, as applicable to medical sciences as well as to the basic sciences like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, histology, and medical terminology.

Basic Sciences Program

In 2-Year Basic Sciences Program, students get to the next level of medical sciences and imbibe clinically integrated problem-based learning, conduct their research and experiments in laboratories, and prepare themselves for the clinical rotations.

Clinical Rotations Program

In 2-Year Clinical Rotations Program, students get an exclusive opportunity to get hands-on clinical training in University-affiliated hospitals and clinics, observe fellow doctors and medical practitioners and treat patients under expert guidance.

Meet VUB Ambassadors

Victoria University of Barbados students are the most important stakeholders, beneficiaries, and representatives of the University. That’s what they say about the University they trust to fulfill their doctor dreams:

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Ziona Naa Ayorkor Holm

“The University offers a fantastic academic environment, seminars, interdisciplinary initiatives, as well as a remarkable library and sports facility.”

Moheimenul Haque

“Well, I am really happy to contact you and well satisfied with you and your service. You helped me so much that I shall be much grateful to you.”

Mohammad Akbar

“Victoria University of Barbados is really good. It is really safe and affordable for us. You can complete whole (medical) education here and become a certified doctor. You can also settle in US or you can come back to India.”

Kunwar Saggu

“Fees of Victoria University is very affordable. With my NEET qualification, I got admission at 50% scholarship. The University staff is very cooperative. The University follows the US-pattern of education. The mess facility is also very good.”

University News

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