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As its name suggests, Pre-Clinical Program precedes Clinical Sciences Program and provides medical knowledge students need to apply during clinical experiences.

Pre-Medical Program, also called the Basic Sciences Program, is the second stage in the 5-Year MD Program (first stage in 4-Year MD Program) and takes two years to complete.

During Basic Sciences Program at Victoria University of Barbados, students invest most of their time in academic and medical research in laboratories, case-based studies, group discussions, and seminars. To provide proper research facilities, VUB offers its students with a well-maintained library which provides adequate research material to the students, modern laboratories including Anatomy Lab, Physics & Chemistry Lab, Microbiology Lab, and Computer Lab.

Given the changing nature and ever-evolving nature of the healthcare world, we also keep upgrading our infrastructure and curriculum to suit the needs of current medical needs and ensure future-proof knowledge of medicine.

During the Pre-Clinical Program, students are provided with hands-on training and simulation-based medical teaching. During two years of Basic Sciences, students develop a broad knowledge of the basic biomedical sciences, problem-solving techniques, and physical examination skills.

Occasionally, students are also provided the opportunity to visit affiliated clinics and hospitals and observe doctors and other healthcare professionals to have a glimpse into the clinical setting and hospital functioning before they officially start their clinical clerkship in Clinical Rotations Program.

During Basic Sciences Program, students are exposed to lots of new concepts of medicine and getting anxious, excited and curious becomes a routine part of the learning process. To resolve students queries and provide personalized learning, we maintain a low student-teacher ratio which helps in the development of better rapport between professors and students contributing to better medical education and and highly competitive MBBS in Barbados.

During Pre-Clinical Program, various research programs, seminars, and group discussions are arranged to encourage students to work on new research projects, learn from the experiences of highly qualified medical professionals and openly discuss on medical topics where they need more clarification and information.

During group discussions, a range of problems and patient cases faced by medical practitioners in the clinical setting are discussed along with possible solutions. Further, knowledge is provided on various ethical and legal matters that are required to be complied with in the course of clinical practice and hospital administration. Case studies help the students gain insights into real-life medical problems, have a look at existing solutions, and apply their minds to derive innovative solutions.

All these arrangements facilitate a collaborative and conducive environment for learning and academic excellence to prepare the students for the clinical experiences with a strong foundation of theoretical base and hands-on training. In short, Pre-Clinical Program lays the foundation for your clinical experiences and will be a critical factor in determining the success of your career as a medical professional in the years to come!