Faculty members at VUB are highly qualified and bring with them an innumerable treasure of years of medical experiences. Our faculty members are recruited from various countries, including India, Barbados, the Caribbean region, and from other countries based on their expertise, specialization, experience, friendliness in dealing with the students, and their outlook towards medical aspirants and medicine as a whole supported by their track record.

Our teaching staff is competent, concerned for, and committed to providing high-quality medical education. Our professors are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their respective areas of expertise who enrich our students with a pragmatic approach to learning.

Given the medium of instruction followed in Victoria University of Barbados is English and the fact that English is also the official language of Barbados, all the faculty members teach the entire medical course in Barbados in the English language.

At the University, we arrange small size batches to maintain an apt student-teacher ratio, which ensures that special attention is given to each student and facilitates the personalized learning experience. It also nurtures lifelong professional relationships between students and professors that benefit all of them even after completion of their MD in Barbados, throughout their professional lives.

The friendly nature of faculty ensures that our professors are not just good mentors for our students but their good friends as well. Also, their zeal for teaching and unconditional support to solve students’ problems ensure a proper academic environment for all the students, helping them study medicine in Barbados with peace of mind and become competent medical professionals.