As its name suggests, Pre-Clinical Program precedes Clinical Sciences Program and provides medical knowledge students need to apply during clinical experiences.

Clinical Sciences Program, also known as Clinical Rotations or Clinical Clerkship or Clinical Training, is the last and most crucial part of the medical course which continues for a period of two years. Clinical Rotation is the essential phase of your journey of becoming a doctor and is a crucial factor in determining your success as a medical professional.

Clinical Rotation is the time when you get the opportunity to visit hospitals, deal with patients and practice medicine under the supervision of a doctor. Clinical Rotations provide you an exclusive opportunity to live and feel the life of a doctor even before you become one. That makes Clinical Rotations the most essential as well as the most exciting part of your medical career, given the pragmatic exposure of the program.

During your clinical experiences, right from using the Syringe to conducting significant operations, you’ll learn it all by viewing and doing.

In Clinical Clerkship, you learn the art of medicine and will explore ways to apply all the medical knowledge you have gathered throughout the years to give the best possible health care to the patients.

In Clinicals, you will go through immense learning through experiences like:

  • Conducting physical examination of your patients;
  • How to talk to your patients and gain their trust. Trust is very important between the doctor-patient relationship to elicit the medical history of patients and provide proper treatment. You’ll master this art in your Clinicals;
  • Assisting doctors in surgeries and operations;
  • Observing and participating in patient rounds and discuss the patients’ condition;
  • Updating and maintaining progress reports of patients; and
  • Dealing with multifaceted areas of medicine and health situations.

While Clinical Rotations Phase is the most exciting part, it’s the most hectic part too. Generally, you need to work as a full-time healthcare professional in clinics, be available on call all the time and work even on weekends. Your Clinical Rotations will also let you know that there is no “Usual Sundays” in doctors’ life! Well, being a doctor completely worth all the hard work and spoiled holidays. Isn’t it?

Clinical Rotations at Victoria University of Barbados

At Victoria University of Barbados, we aspire to provide the students from all around the world with the best possible MD in Barbados. To deliver our promise, the entire medical curriculum has been designed following benchmark practices, and Clinical Rotations Program is no difference.

VUB offers Clinical Rotations in some of the top reputed hospitals of Barbados, Caribbean with developing opportunities in Asia, Africa, USA, Canada, and other countries depending on students’ choice. That’s one more way VUB helps medical aspirants become a Doctor of International repute as they pursue MD in Barbados.

Once the students complete the Clinical Rotations Program, they qualify as doctors who are ready to dive in the world of healthcare with experience and expertise.