Student Services

Student life

Students are given high quality medical education along with all the basic amenities. The campus of VUB is well-equipped with the indoor and outdoor sports. There is a student organization in the University which organizes different programs and festivities. There is Security Department which ensures safety of all the students. Also, there is a Cafeteria which is located in the main campus building.


The faculty and staff of Victoria University of Barbados is highly-qualified in the field of medicine. They have become a part of VUB from different countries to impart knowledge among students. Student to Teacher ratio is comparatively low which allow students to establish good bond and relationship with the teachers.


There is a huge library in the university. Other than text books, students can gain knowledge from various books from the library which is related to their syllabus. The students can dedicate their pastime by gaining knowledge. Hundreds of books are available for the students to provide them better understanding of the subject apart from text books.


The laboratory of the University is well-equipped with latest and modern technology. It is designed in such a way that it provides hands on practical training to the students.


Victoria University of Barbados has cafeteria within the University for the students as well as staff members which provides with various cuisines of their choices so that they feel homely. The cafeteria is well-maintained, clean and hygienic. There is a proper sitting arrangement for the students to relax and enjoy hygienic food.


Victoria University of Barbados consists of 3-D Animated teaching system. The classroom consists of modern and advanced teaching apparatuses. The students are allowed to record the classroom activities. This serves as a great help to students in the later days.

Hostel Facilities

Hostel facility is available for the International students. The hostels are well-furnished and well-equipped with all the basic necessities for the students. The staff of hostel takes care of proper cleaning measures and ensures healthy environment for the students.


There is a student organization in the University which takes care of arranging various festivals and celebrations within the campus.

Safety and Security Measures

There is a separate department for safety and security measures for maintaining and managing the overall safety and security standards of the students in the University.

Practice-Based Learning Environment

Victoria University of Barbados provides golden opportunity to the students to have hands on experience in the clinical services.

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