Apart from providing international-standard Medical Education in Barbados, quality professors, and an environment of academic excellence, we offer our students with a lot of other facilities to make their medical education experience even better.

VUB campus are equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities required to live properly and study medicine in Barbados.

A few of the student facilities and services we provide are:

Equipped Classrooms

Our classrooms are equipped with modern and advanced teaching equipment. The students are allowed to record classroom activities. This serves as a great help to students in the later days.


We have a well-maintained, clean, and hygienic cafeteria built on the University Campus. The canteen has a proper sitting arrangement and offers a place for the students to relax, have a chatter with friends while enjoying the food.


To let the students get all the academic resources they need within the University, we have made a library that provides both offline as well as online medical books, journals and related material to the students. Apart from textbooks, medical journals and magazines help the students get a better understanding of the subjects of their interests.


At VUB, our state-of-the-art laboratories provide a platform to unleash students’ medical creativity and curiosity and drive the next innovation in the field of medicine. All the laboratories are well-equipped and provide hands-on practical training to the students in an artificial environment.

Anatomy Lab

Our Anatomy Lab is a place to confront real-life bodies and specimens to correctly understand human body structure, its various positions, and various aspects of physiology.

Physics & Chemistry Lab

Physics & Chemistry are the backbones of medicine. Physics & Chemistry Lab provides tools to go deeper into the subject which is instrumental in learning the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in a better way.

Microbiology Lab

Microbiology lab facilitates a pragmatic study of tiny organisms and various sub-disciplines of microbiology.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab is equipped with modern computers and projectors, which facilitates students to conduct online researches and discuss the findings in groups.

Recreational Facilities & Festivities

We arrange various recreational and sports activities on-campus and off-campus like outings, physical games, surfing, beach visits, swimming, etc. to ensure proper study-life balance. All the festivals are celebrated in the University Campus while Birthday Parties are thrown on Birthdays!

Health Facilities

To study smart, you need a fresh mind. For a fresh mind, you need good health. At VUB, we take care of all the things required to maintain the health of the students. From proper cleanliness to offering healthcare assistance in need, we get it all done for the students.

Financial Assistance

Money should not be a limiting factor when it comes to pursuing your dream career. We assist our students in getting financial assistance wherever feasible.

Safety & Security

At VUB, safety comes first. We take the safety and security of all the University members very seriously and ensure 24/7 security arrangements in the entire University area.

Facilitating Holistic Student Life

Student Governing Association arranges various activities for all-round development of the students. Arranging participation in medical outreach programs, seminars, group discussions, extra-curricular activities like sports, outings, team-building activities, and induction programs are just a few of them.

Top-Notch Faculty

Experienced and expert professors who are specialized in their respective fields of medicine are vital to students’ success in this complex field. To ensure that students get the very best of their MD in Barbados, we recruit professors from different countries who are competent, well-qualified and hold a zeal for teaching.

Other Facilities

Besides all these amenities, we endeavor to provide all the facilities required to make our students' medical course in Barbados as smooth as possible and keep innovating our existing infrastructure for the betterment of their experience with us.

These comprehensive set of facilities provided to students at Victoria University of Barbados as they study medicine in Barbados take their medical experience to the next level and comparable to the learning provided at Top Medical University in Barbados and help them become great doctors.