At Victoria University of Barbados, we offer a 5-Year medical program (including 1-Year Pre-Medical Program) for MD in Barbados and invite applications from students all around the world throughout the year for MD Program batches starting in January, May, and September.

As long as students meet the eligibility criteria,they are free to apply for MD Admission in Barbados at VUB.

MD Admission in Barbados: VUB Advantages

At Victoria University of Barbados, we believe in simplicity, equity, and efficiency. Our admission criteria and process are designed that way. Here are the salient features of the University process for admission to the MD Program:

Simple One-Window Admission:We know how hard it can be to talk to different people to get one thing done. As soon as you contact us or apply for our medical program to study medicine in Barbados, we assign a dedicated Admission Advisor and Counselor who will be your single point of contact to get admission done! Our expert and experienced counselors provide smooth onboard experience.

No Donation/ Capitation:We neither invite nor accept any donation/ capitation from our students or their guardians. Students need to pay only legitimate tuition fees required to get admission to the VUB MD Program which is one of the most modest fees structure for MD in Barbados and the entire Caribbean region. Besides other advantages of studying MD in Barbados, our students benefit from the low-cost tuition as well as hostel and mess fees.

No Entrance Examination:No entrance examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT or GMAT, etc. are required to get admission at VUB. Seats are allotted on the basis of student performance in Higher Secondary Examinations and their aptitude and attitude towards medicine.

Merit-Based Admission: We follow a “first-come-first-serve” approach in our admission process. When it comes to admissions at VUB, there is no jumping of lines! Those who apply early and meet our eligibility criteria are admitted to the next available batch of the program. Our merit-based application approach ensures equity for all the applicants.

Minimal Waiting List:Fresh batches of MD Program start every four months: In January, May, and September. Once a student applies for admission, he or she is likely to get admission in the next four months which is very minimal waiting time compared to other universities. Further, there are no entrance examination requirements, which also save the time of the students.

Online Admission Facility:We know it can be hard for International students to fly to our Barbados Headquarter to get admission. We have regional offices in several locations to help the students visit the nearest office and get in-person counseling and apply offline for MD in Barbados. Alternatively, students can apply online for admission and submit scanned copies of the required documents. An online admission facility makes the admission process much convenient.

During the admission process, our Admission Advisors assist the students at every stage of their application throughout the entire admission process.

Let Your Medical Career Shine

At Victoria University of Barbados, we invite all the medical aspirants, who not just have the zeal to pursue a carer in medicine but a passion for changing the world with their medical and healthcare innovations, for applying to our 5-Year MD Program and make the world of health better.

How To Get MD Admission In Barbados, At Victoria University of Barbados?

We facilitate both offline as well as an online mode of application. Depending on the choice of student and subject to the availability of the regional office in the student’s location, one can visit the nearest VUB officeto meet her or his Admission Advisor and apply via an offline medium. Alternatively, students can apply online on the VUB website for a more convenient process. As soon as we receive the student’s request, one of our counselors or admission advisors get in touch with the student within the next 12-48 hours and guide the students throughout the entire admission process.