11 Advantages of Studying MD in Barbados

In recent years, Barbados, a Caribbean island country in the North America region, has become a medical education hub and one of the popular destinations for medical education in the Caribbean for aspiring doctors from different locations worldwide.

Currently, Barbados is home to eight medical universities, and Victoria University of Barbados, a well-recognized Medical University, is latest in the list. With affordable living cost, international-standard medical programs, global career opportunity, vicinity to the United States (New York is just 4 hours flight away from Barbados) and comfortable Caribbean lifestyle, thousands of international students have enrolled in various MD Colleges In Barbados and reaping the advantages of studying MD in Barbados. 

Is MD in Barbados is the right option for me?

Is it the right decision?

Is it was a right decision?

If you have any of these questions, keep reading!

However, you, as a student, need to convince yourself that MD in Barbados is a great option for your medical career before making the final move to study medicine in Barbados. Well, even after taking our final decision, sometimes we question our own decision and ask questions like Is MD in Barbados is the right option for me?, Is it the right decision?, Is it was a right decision?, and so on.” Well, either you are considering Barbados for your medical education or you are a current medical student in Barbados who have got one of these questions, these advantages of studying medicine in Barbados will make you sure of the decision that MD from Barbados is one of the best options to get quality medical education and build a career that you always dream of:

Luxury To Communicate In English

You know English, you have done your studies so far in English, and you have no plan to learn a new language just because you want to study medicine abroad! Well, in that case, Barbados is the place to go. Here you will not only study in English, but you will have the ability to communicate with the local people in English. Thanks to Barbados for being an English-speaking country!

In Barbados, the official language is English. You will study your entire medical course in the English language. 

Yes, it’s a luxury to be able to communicate with foreign people in a language you already know. Imagine a country like China instead of Barbados, where you need to learn Chinese to study as well as to talk to a local person! So, Barbados gives you the luxury exemption from the requirement of learning a foreign language as you come here for your foreign medical education.

Low Living Cost

If you go to countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other highly developed countries, your cost of living can surpass the cost of your medical college. While in Barbados, the living cost is very cheap with a high quality of life, not to mention that Barbados is a developed country too. 

Barbados is today, the Caribbean’s leading tourism island, and it can also boast being one of the most developed islands in the region.
- Reported by United Nations Development Programme

Human Development Index of Barbados is 0.8, and with that factor, Barbados prides itself as one of the most developed islands in the entire Caribbean region. 

Cost Of Education That You Can Afford

Fees for a medical course in Barbados is very affordable in comparison to countries like India, USA, and countries where seats are very limited while demand is very high. 

In an affordable Medical University like Victoria University of Barbados, you can complete your entire Medical Program at the cost of around US$ 35,000. Further, in Caribbean Medical Universities, there is no requirement for any donation or capitation fees, which makes it easier to take admission in medical programs even for students with limited means.

The Life Experience

It’s time to let you know that every year, about a million people visit Barbados to take a break from their routine life and relax for a few days in the natural atmosphere of this beautiful country. When you get MD Admission in Barbados, this country will be your home for the next five years. Those five years provide you an opportunity not only to study medical in Barbados but to live the life in Caribbean style, explore a delicate balance of American and Caribbean culture, meet people from global countries and built life-long connections that scatter worldwide. 

In Barbados, your life is not limited to becoming a doctor, and you will explore other wider aspects of life, and develop your personality, holistically. 

Benchmark Quality

Medical Universities in Barbados follow benchmark medical curriculum to provide the finest possible medical education in the Caribbean.

For example, the curriculum of the MD Program of Victoria University of Barbados is based on US medical curriculum, which is the industry benchmark. Along with the MD Program, coaching is also provided to help you qualify various medical licensure examinations like Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) and Unites States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). 

Medical Education In Barbados:

  • ✓  US-based medical curriculum
  • ✓  FMGE Coaching
  • ✓  USMLE Coaching
  • ✓  Modern Infrastructure

Besides quality curriculum, you will benefit from the modern infrastructure of Barbados, in Universities as well as in the country. From libraries to laboratories and classrooms, you get to study with modern teaching equipment which provides a deep practical exposure, opportunities for research and helps you to build a strong academic base which also assists in clinical training. 

In Barbados, even at an affordable University, you get one of the finest quality medical education comparable to top Medical University in Barbados, USA, and other countries.

International Community

In Barbados, Medical Universities are international. What does that mean? Well, that means that in Medical Universities of Barbados, students from different countries worldwide take admissions building a diverse community in the Campus.

When you study with people from so many countries in one setting, you get to know their culture, diverse values, and traditions which helps you build a global mindset that is much needed when you work in a global environment. Until your graduation, you will have friends and a network of supportive colleagues and professionals who will make their careers in different countries of the world. That kind of exposure to build lifelong international connections is very rare, and MD from Barbados provides you with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Cross-Border Clinical Rotations

Can you imagine the feeling and career impact of getting clinical training in different countries during your MD Program? 

Well, during final two years of your MD in Barbados (Clinical Rotations Program), you get the opportunity to get clinical training in reputed hospitals in the Caribbean region, USA, Asia, Canada, and other countries.

During the final two years of MD in Barbados, get clinical training in:

  • ✓ USA
  • ✓ Asia
  • ✓ Caribbean
  • ✓ Other regions worldwide

Clinical experience in different countries not only help you understand the medical needs of different regions but also strengthen your credentials of International Medical Graduation, which helps a lot while looking for job opportunities after becoming a qualified doctor. 

Great Career Opportunities Ahead

After completion of your medical graduation from Barbados, you can go for higher education or paid residency in the US, qualify the medical licensure examination of the country where you want to practice and start your medical career in the country of your choice. 

Career opportunities after medical graduation from Barbados:

  • ✓ Paid residency in US or Canada
  • ✓ Higher medical education
  • ✓ Qualify medical licensure exams of the country where you want to practice

The International Medical Graduate label that your MD from Barbados assign to you is widely regarded and respected in the field of medicine with plenty of career opportunities. 

Making Your Dream Less Hard

You want to become a doctor. Well, to become a doctor, you need to get into a medical university. To get into a medical university, there are “eligibility requirements.”

Now, that’s where things get harsh on you. Depending on the country and other University factors, some Medical Universities demand insanely high score in your school level examinations, qualification in several entrance examinations, fees that can get you indebted for thousands of dollars, and with all that, the mental stress to go through all this before admissions (admission fatigue), during education (high cost fatigue), and after graduation (debt repay fatigue)!

Thankfully, to get admission into a Medical University in Barbados, you don’t need to go through all those hurdles. For example, to take admission to Victoria University of Barbados, among other eligibility requirements, the only major academic requirement is 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. Also, the cost of tuition as well hostel and mess facility is very affordable (at least 60-80% less than the average cost of MD or MD in USA, Australia, and other likely countries).

So, if you want a focused quality medical education, admission into a medical course in Barbados is one of the finest options you can opt for. 

The Barbados Advantage

You will be more than happy to know that Barbados is a developed country with a literacy rate of 99.7%, making it the 4th most educated country in the world. 

Barbados is a developed country with a literacy rate of 99.7%, making it the 4th most educated country in the world.

The average temperature of Barbados ranges from 16°C to 33°C, and the tropical climate of the island make the atmosphere of Barbados an all-time pleasant experience delighting not only the local people or the tourists but students as well. The environment has a huge impact on your study, and Barbados’ calm environment helps you get the best of every moment you invest in your education on the island. 

Besides being home to aesthetic nature and highly educated people, it’s no secret that Barbados is a popular tourist destination. Barbadians are welcoming foreigners to their home island for years, and they know well how to greet people, how to take care of them, and how to make them feel at home. With their utmost friendly attitude, Barbadians are known for their hospitality.

Regarding safety and security, Barbados has built its reputation to be a very safe country with a very low rate of crime and violence. In Barbados, appropriate police security is in place in residential as well as tourist places so that you can live and study here with a peace of mind. 

In Barbados, apart from enjoying a friendly environment in the University Campus, you become a part of the welcoming community of Barbadians which makes Barbados your next home.

Aggregate Of All These Advantages

Well, all these ten advantages are not in isolation but compliment each other to make your journey of becoming a doctor an enjoyable, less harsh, memorable, and life-changing experience. That’s the one major benefit that most of us ignore when we are provided with so much by this beautiful island.

By now, it must be clear to you that Barbados is one of the excellent destinations to pursue a career in medicine and ensure a bright career for your future. 

On occasion, we invite you to apply to our well-recognized MD Program, come to Barbados to study medicine, and Let Your Medical Career Shine!

Victoria University of Barbados, School of Medicine (VUB) is one of the well-recognized and fastest-growing medical universities in Barbados, North America. Among other recognitions, the University is listed in World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), chartered by Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Government of Barbados, approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), and offers US-Based International-Standard MD Program (equivalent to MBBS).

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