Barbados, North America

Barbados is a Caribbean island country located in West Indies, North America and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Vibrant culture, magnificent nature, lively people and rich history make Barbados a unique gem of Caribbean. The beautiful island is home to about 3,00,000 people and welcomes nearly a million visitors in a year.

With beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and resorts, mouth-watering dining and fanatic tropical winds, Barbados rightfully is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world with tourists from the UK, US, and Canada forming a big chunk of the island visitors.

A former British colony, Barbados won its freedom back from Britain and became independent on November 30, 1966 and is now the 3rd oldest Parliamentary democracy in the world. Thanks to the centuries of the British influence on the nation, English is the official language of Barbados.

Bridgetown,the capital and the largest city of Barbados, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bridgetown is the only city outside the present United States of America visited by George Washington, who later became the first U.S. President.

Barbados’ Architecture legacy goes back to hundreds of years making Barbados a place of historic buildings and landmarks, both of commercial as well as religious significance.

St. James Parish Church, the oldest church in Barbados founded in 1628, Parliament of Barbados which is one of the oldest and has been in operation since 1639, Chamberlain Bridge in Bridgetown built in 1872, and many more human-made structures in Barbados have been worldwide attractions for years.

Music, Dance, Festivals, Food, Friendliness, and Celebrations are some of the hallmarks of great Barbadian culture.

Cricket is one of the most loved sports in Barbados, and Barbadian Cricket Players play for the West Indies Cricket Team. If you love cricket too, you’ll find many Barbadians for the team of your next cricket match!

Barbados is a religiously diverse country where people with different religions live together who follows their traditions while respecting the customs and beliefs of others at the same time.

In Barbados, each good moment has a celebration. No matter what’s the occasion, but when there is an occasion, all Barbadians come together leaving their caste, color, creed, economic status, and religion aside which makes Barbados a land of celebrations and land of inclusion which welcomes all with an open heart!

From having Barbadian Street Food to dining at great restaurants in Barbados, eat the way you like, but one thing is sure - you’ll love the Barbadian food and will also feel the unique mix of Indian, British, African and other cuisines that are perfectly blended in every bite of food served on the island!

Infrastructure in Barbados is well-developed with sophisticated facilities for transportation, health, education, and communication.

Barbados’ free education system has made the country world's 4th most educated country with a literacy rate of 99.7%.

Grantley Adams International Airport is the international airport of Barbados and the 8th busiest in Caribbean region. To facilitate smooth commute on the island, properly regulated public buses and taxis are readily available which runs on the well-made nationwide highways and roads.

The small island offers proper health and security facilities making it a safe place for a short visit as well as years-long education!

Naturally Rich, Barbados as a country could not ask for more. Gardens, white sand beaches, abundant wildlife, fresh air, light rains, tropical winds and everything in between makes Barbados feel like nirvana on earth.

In Barbados, only going for a casual walk and looking around can provide immense joy, and if you want more, you can go for fishing, swimming, get some relax on the beach, enjoy the music of splashing water, feel chilly winds and spot the beautiful views of the island.

Weather in Barbados flows from 16.5°C to 33.1°C ensuring an all-time pleasant atmosphere which is cooled by tropical winds and short rains throughout the year.

Barbados’ water is naturally filtered through limestone rocks which makes the island water of such a high quality and safe to drink.

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