Victoria University of Barbados 50% Scholarship For Students Who Qualified NEET In 2019

As you might be aware that results of the 2019 term of NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), a mandatory medical entrance examination for students in India who are willing to enroll in medical or dental universities in India or abroad, were announced on July 5, 2019. 

As per NEET 2019 results, 797,042 students qualified the exam. In India, medical seats are available for only 68,000 students (approximately). Rest of the students, who are not able to get admission to a medical university in India due to medical seats scarcity, have no other way left except going for medical education abroad or re-appear for NEET in the hope of a better ranking next year. While the former option seems costly, the latter option needs another year from students’ life. 

We, at Victoria University of Barbados, are committed to making medical education affordable, deliver quality, and award the students based on merit.

We believe that meritorious students should not face financial hardship to fulfill their medical dreams, and we want to contribute our best and help as many students as we can. With this, we are pleased to announce our Scholarship Scheme for students who have qualified NEET in 2019 attempt. The scholarship will be called “NEET 2019 Merit Scholarship” and will be available to first 20 Qualified students from NEET 2019 Batch for admission to our 5-Year MD Program.

NEET 2019 Merit Scholarship: Benefits

Under NEET 2019 Merit Scholarship (“Scholarship”), Admission Charge and Processing Charge of US$ 1000 each are waived off. Also, the Tuition Fee is waived off to the extent of 50%. The total benefits of scholarship are tabulated as under:

US$ 19,500 savings shall benefit each Scholarship Recipient in fees and program charges (US$ 1,000 in Admission Charge, US$ 1,000 in Processing Charge, and US$ 17,500 in Tuition Fee).

NEET 2019 Merit Scholarship: Eligibility

To claim the Scholarship, a candidate must fulfill the following criteria:

  • ✔The candidate must have qualified NEET in 2019.
  • ✔Students must be one of the first 20 students from NEET 2019 Batch who are getting admission to VUB.

NEET 2019 Merit Scholarship: Program Covered

The Scholarship is available for admission to 5-Year MD ≈ MD Program offered by the University. 

NEET 2019 Merit Scholarship: How To Claim

To claim the scholarship, candidates are required to contact the VUB Admission Advisors and submit their NEET Scorecard. 

NEET 2019 Merit Scholarship: Enquiry

In case you have any query regarding the Scholarship or getting admission to our MD ≈ MD Program, please feel free to contact our team of expert counselors.