Everything About MD In Victoria University Of Barbados

To study MD at Victoria University of Barbados is every student’s dream! Candidates from all over the world aspire to learn and make a career in medicine here.

With a literacy rate of 99.7%, Barbados has made it to the world’s 4th most educated country.

The university aims at providing the students with quality medical education. 

Let’s get started to know what Victoria University has.

How Can One Get In?

The university has a straightforward method and procedure for students to apply. Especially for their convenience, the university offers and accepts online mode and offline mode of admissions.  

If students fall under the specific criteria, they are free to apply to the University of Barbados.

The most advantageous feature here is, there are admission counselors to advise and guide the students.

Unlike processes of other universities, here there is a simple one window admission process. This process makes it easy for the administration as well as the students to fasten the process.


What differentiates the University of Barbados from other universities is its features and facilities offered to the students. It is made sure that students willing to learn from various parts of the country face no issue.

Some of them are:

1. Facility Of Online Admission

To avoid extra travel expenditures, students can apply online on the universities’ website and proceed ahead from there.

The admission counselor is there to help and guide the students throughout.

2. Merit-Based Admission

A pattern of first come, first serve is followed, therefore, avoiding any unfair means. The deserving get in, and the ones who don’t can try anytime later.

3. No Donations Asked

Anything apart from the tuition fees is not accepted nor asked for.

Other Facilities For The Students

  • Advanced Classrooms.
  • Hostel For Convenience.
  • A Library.
  • Financial Assistance.

Perks Of Studying At Victoria University Of Barbados

A Caribbean island country in the West Indies is where the university is situated.
How can a student not want to devote their years of study to this beautiful place? 

The Barbadian culture is commendable and something worth being a part of. So along with studies, a student is exposed to many other activities and learning.

An all-time pleasant atmosphere helps the students to concentrate better with a fresh mind, throughout the year.

Be it the pleasant environment, culture, or a sound education system, the journey of becoming a doctor at the University of Barbados is what you are seeking. 

Victoria University of Barbados, School of Medicine (VUB) is one of the well-recognized and fastest-growing medical universities in Barbados, North America. Among other recognitions, the University is listed in World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), chartered by Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Government of Barbados, approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), and offers US-Based International-Standard MD Program (equivalent to MBBS).

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